Posted by Malcom Davis on 7th Oct 2023


How we perceive things in life is the result of a multitude of factors that determine the impact and response to an event. When we are young in life our circle of influence seems wider and as we grow it seems to get smaller and smaller as we began to explore what it is we value, and our character is tested. It is in the context our problems are presented to us, and while it seems like these problems are external factors created by our environment; The reality of life dictates that our problems and sufferings are a result of internal desires which manifest the confusing barriers placed as derailing illusions which shield us from accepting the truth about ourselves and our perspectives.

This song “Whirlwind: The Veil of Confusion” attempts to implement the true philosophy behind what is classified as “the self” in that each of us as an independent entity can never know who we are. That we all at some level understand that we are a complete disaster, bound to fail, and are destined to destroy everything in our paths because we are fragile conscience beings tied to our emotional affections and passions inside of a vast universe that we have no control over. Because we live, we therefore are subject to accept identities placed on us by others and implement self-fulfilling prophecies that are rooted in our egos, personal longings, environments, and lineage.

However, what if after looking at life from this perspective for however long or short the period, that when the dust began to settle after this storm, this was all an illusion. That everything you were trained and conditioned to value how you view yourself and the world around you amounted to a sum of nothingness, emptiness, and loneliness. Could you see this as a gift?

Taking this opportunity to view life from a different perspective where the outside surface becomes an adaptation of your awareness of self in this world. For decades we all have heard that our world is constantly changing and growing but I would ask is it just doing that? Or are the changes that are occurring just a repetitive cycle of frustration from doing the same things repeatedly in a different way using the same form. How would you define yourself or be able to connect back to reality?

What could you do to uncover if the reality that was classified as an illusion was the real reality and the new reality that you now see as the truth is the illusion of the real reality that you believed was the previous reality that you experienced for that moment? Confusion is this song and at its foundation stems from our desire to desire. It is for this reason that we will explore the concept behind what is called the inside-out approach to self-identity to gain truth and clarity.