Posted by Malcom Davis on 17th Dec 2022


“Man's highest joy is in victory: to conquer one's enemies; to pursue them; to deprive them of their possessions; to make their beloved weep; to ride on their horses; and to embrace their wives and daughters. Come and sip from the cup of destruction.” -Genghis Khan-

To embrace ego and pride as a primary outcome is a path that leads a person down a dangerous and dark road. When we sip from the cup of destruction, we remind ourselves and remember that everything that is built can be destroyed if you are unworthy and unwilling to serve others in truth and balance. For a humble and just person is awarded clarity and focus between balance of one’s gifts and abilities.

Accountability and self-awareness are powerful to change the ways and patterns that don’t produce the outcomes you want to establish to become the best version of yourself. When we become too vain and see the world that we have built is only the result of a building with weak and faulty foundations. Our attachment to that image leads to hurt and pain that unleashes a wrath of suffering regardless of how noble or selfish our intentions are. 

Depending on how extreme the circumstances are, of the decisions made on the path taken to build our own ego based on our intrinsic desires, self fulfilling ambitions, family lineage, historical backgrounds and atmospheric images and life styles. We began to uncover the truth behind all the struggles as we see the world come crashing down all at once without any notice or understanding. In retrospect, it becomes all a singular moment but the experience feels like an eternal life time.

Total Destruction is a musical experience that seeks to uncover the way in which shame, insult, guilt, and the need to be right plays itself in the perspective of life experience. Focusing mainly on “I” and “me” are key characteristics that build the foundation on placing yourself in your own space of comfortability but at what limit does it become your responsibility for the karma leading to what seems like a total loss. Destruction is always the first stage on the path to becoming centered. For it forces us to consider removing our ego and pride knocking our comfortably in to disruption as we simultaneously are forced to remove ourselves from the previous world that we felt such a strong connection with. This process is never easy but if we can endure it properly our reward is the truth of our self-identity and purpose in this universe.