11. Light and Mirrors: Tale of Dorian Grey (Part 1)

Posted by Malcom Davis on 18th Nov 2023

11. Light and Mirrors: Tale of Dorian Grey (Part 1)

A reflection can be seen as external look into the beauty in which we try to understand how we perceive the established standards of truth placed on us by the world. If you think about a camera lens it was created by the way in which our eyes transform the light into different spectrums which allows our brains to process the information into a classification that we can understand. It is based on similar composition of a microphone in the way in which it emulates our ears in transforming sound waves into internal interval vibrations which allows our brain to understand and classify that information for us to capture the environment.

It is by this natural concept of the self that each one of us are unique created to manipulate the environment to create an established system in which we use to create systems, ideas, concepts, ethics, feelings, and a whole other form of humanistic expressions to find a purpose that we determine to be the truth about our acceptance of self. Most of the systems, patterns, and beliefs that we accept in our life operate on some level in form of the law of equivalent exchange. That most humans cannot gain anything without giving something in return, this is also called karma, transfer of matter, causality, etc. Even in the exploration of duality the balance between opposites is a function of this scientific explanation of how most systems of life operates.

However, there is only one aspect of life that will forever be unknown to man as the final pilar of whatever journey that is uncovered in the illusion of the path of the Middle Way. It will forever be unknown to man because it focuses on the value and complexity of our soul. It cannot be measured, quantified, explained, or even understood but its one of the most valued aspects of life that is the glue that holds everything together.

This song “Light and Mirrors: Tale of Dorian Grey” is an artistic masterpiece that attempts to explain the concept of our soul by looking into the dimension in which it is most like it, our subconscious. Through stimulation of both the eyes and ears this work attempts to go beyond the external world of laws and rules and attempts to uncover the secrets behind the illusion to find the true acceptance of truth through what is unaware, not seen, cannot be heard, and what can never be understood.